Trinity Church

Boston, MA

Trinity Church, designed by renowned 19th century architect Henry Hobson Richardson and completed in 1877, is recognized as one of the 50 most architecturally significant buildings in the US. The Church has executed several major restoration and expansion projects in the last 15 years, intended to protect the art and architecture of the building for generations to come.  Since 2004, Leggat McCall Properties has served as the Church’s project manager to assist their volunteer building committee with the execution of these interior and exterior projects.

LMP was initially engaged to manage an extensive interior and exterior program that had been several years in design and planning and constituted the first phase of their developing Capital Master Plan. The work included a complete restoration of the central tower exterior, comprising clay tile roof repairs, extensive stone repair, window replacement, and leaded copper roof / flashing work. This initial project also created program, meeting, and bookshop space under the Sanctuary by lowering the level of what was originally a crawlspace. The impetus for this work was repair required to the caps of the foundation’s wooden piles, which date to the building’s construction. The excavation to reach these piles created space under the Church which was re-developed and made occupiable.  Interior work in and around the Main Sanctuary itself included restoration of frescoes, stained glass repairs, reconfiguration of the entry hall (Narthex), and repair of the two Aeolian-Skinner organs.

LMP’s relationship with Trinity has been ongoing, and in 2016 LMP was once again hired to assist in additional restoration projects and systems upgrades. The exterior work included the restoration of the West Porch (the building’s main entrance) and the flanking Northwest Tower, as well as select other areas of the building envelope. Work included metal roof replacement, flashing, masonry repairs, protection of historic windows, and further stained glass restoration.  The corresponding interior renovations include creating a new chapel, moving the gift shop to concealable cabinetry in the Narthex, and restoration of additional 1870s frescoes. This phase also included multiple systems upgrades, including fire alarm, security, IT infrastructure, electrical power cabling replacement throughout virtually the entire historic part of the church, and lighting. LMP was able to engage the theatrical lighting vendors they had used in their recent theater renovation projects to replace all the upper Sanctuary lighting bars and modify them to be on powered winches for lowering and maintenance.

LMP also assisted the Church with the refurbishment of its existing geo-thermal well system.  That work comprises retrofitting of the existing open-loop wells with new closed-loop technology, and replacement of the core ground-sourced heat-pump equipment.


Project Highlights

  • Size: 35,000 SF
  • Property Type: Historic Church Restoration
  • Year started/completed: 2004/2006, 2016/2019
  • Owner/Client: Trinity Church in the City of Boston
  • Architect: Goody Clancy
  • General Contractor: Shawmut Design and Construction
Services Rendered:
  • Project Management