Boston Globe: The $1.4-billion-plus redevelopment of Boston’s largest public housing complex is finally underway

Boston, MA

Meet the people who helped make it happen

By: Catherine Carlock

Cathy Mande surveyed the rubble of her former home on a recent warm day, a serene look on her face. A few days later, the rubble would be gone, cleared away to build what many hope will be a new model for affordable housing.

Months prior, when Mande first got word to pack up the apartment where she and her three children live in Charlestown’s Bunker Hill public housing complex, she didn’t bother. Like many who live in what is, at 1,110 units, Boston’s largest public housing development, Mande found it hard to believe the long-discussed redevelopment would ever happen. Now, she and her children are among 110 families who have moved to make way for the first phase of what will be a more than $1.4 billion, decade-long overhaul.

Even by the standards of large-scale real-estate development, the overhaul of Bunker Hill has been an epic saga, involving two development teams, three administrators of the Boston Housing Authority, and three mayors. When finished, the new complex of 2,699 units will comprise more than 25 percent of the housing stock in Charlestown.

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