Featured Project

Investment Criteria

Transaction size:

$5 million - $100+ million
(as a project manager we have worked on projects as large as $600 million)

Property Type:



Multi-family Residential
Senior Housing

Investment Structure:

We have both the appetite and ability to acquire investments structured in a variety of ways. We favor investments that afford us the ability to control the asset, add value and realize appreciation. We have purchased properties outright, acquired subject to a ground lease, acquired notes secured by real estate and crafted joint ventures with existing owners who require equity capital. We are creative in our approach and are flexible in adapting to the needs of the particular project.


We invest our own capital in our projects and have owned real estate in a variety of different structures over our history, including wholly-owned assets, joint ventures, real estate funds and a real estate operating company (REOC). We are currently seeking one-off investment opportunities in conjunction with our capital partners.